Sra. Silveria Martín Díaz, the second oldest living person in Spain, has reached the age of 113. Sra. Martín Díaz is the oldest living person in the autonomous community of Extremadura. Within Spain, her age is exceeded only by 116-year-old María Branyas Morera, the world’s oldest living person.

Sra. Martín Díaz celebrated her 113th birthday a few days early surrounded by loved ones in a festive ceremony in La Vera. In attendance were her 77-year-old daughter, Julia, along with multiple grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren. The ceremony was also attended by the director of Sra. Martín Díaz’s residential center, and a classical music group from a nearby town who played some of Silveria’s favorite pieces, and LongeviQuest Spain Researcher Daniel Germán Delgado. Delgado presented Sra. Martín Díaz with a plaque certifying her recognition by LongeviQuest as Extremadura’s oldest living person. Delgado also presented a plaque for her eldest living daughter, not in attendance, recognizing her status as the oldest living child of a living parent in Spain.

According to Delgado, Sra. Martín Díaz was active and conversational during the event. At various points, she smiled, laughed, and cried tears of happiness. Her daughter told LongeviQuest that her mother maintains a positive quality of life and does not suffer from chronic pain. She enjoyed the event and was able to bask in the admiration of her loved ones and her entire community.

LongeviQuest congratulates Sra. Martín Díaz on her birthday and we are grateful to her, her loved ones, and her caregivers for allowing us to celebrate with you.

Below are some photographs from the event, taken by photographer David Garcia Carrere: