Fredericia, Southern Denmark, Denmark – On April 26, Mr. Jens Peter Vestergaard celebrated his 110th birthday, becoming the first non-emigrant Danish man to become a supercentenarian.

Mr. Vestergaard was born in Odense, Southern Denmark, on 26 April 1914.

In 1944, he was married to Gerda Nygaard Pedersen in Odense and the couple stayed together for 25 years. Unfortunately, Gerda passed away and Mr. Vestergaard later remarried to someone named Inge. His second marriage only lasted 17 years before the passing of his second wife. He got into a relationship with a woman named Nina but the couple never got married. He managed public transportation in his city and oversaw the transition from trams to buses in Odense. 

Mr. Westergaard is currently the second-oldest living person in the country, as well as the oldest living man in the Nordic region.

LongeviQuest greets Jens Peter Vestergaard with a happy 110th birthday, may his day be filled with joy and blessings as he celebrates this remarkable milestone!