Danlí, El Paraíso, Honduras – Mrs. María Irías, currently the oldest (known) living person in Honduras, recently celebrated her 109th birthday.

María Irías was born on 25 April 1915 in Danlí, El Paraíso Departament, Honduras. She lost her mother when she was 10 and was raised by her paternal aunt, Julia Irías. At the age of 31, she was married to José Morga Vallecillo on 12 October 1946. The couple had three children together with two daughters and a son. Her husband passed away in 1988.

On her 109th birthday. (Source: Facebook/Letras y Noticias Danlí)

When asked about her secret on longevity, her own words are “knowing how to live, getting along with others, maintaining good eating habits, and relying on God every day because He is the one who gives us life and the strength to live.”  

LongeviQuest greets María Irías a happy 109th birthday, may your day be filled with joy and blessings as you celebrate this remarkable milestone! 

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