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We rely on our users to identify and document supercentenarians, ensuring their legacy is known to the world. If you know someone that is 110+, let us know and we’ll begin our validation process to add them to our database.

Claim Submission

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Our Submission Criteria
Claim Submission
We are interested in investigating all claims, but our resources limit us to only tracking people aged 105+.
One Document
We require at least one document from the person’s early, mid, or late life to verify their birth date.
Born After 1800
We do investigate claims pre-1800s, but have a much easier time verifying documents from the 19th century and onward.
Our Validation Process
The process differs slightly depending on the supercentenarian, but this outlines our basic validation process.
1. Document Verification
Once we receive a supercentenarian’s documents, we will contact family members or notaries for validation.
2. Additional Documentation
We may ask for additional documents directly from the family, especially if any fields are missing from the submission form.
3. Friend & Family Interview
A researcher will reach out on behalf of LongeviQuest to ask for more details including bios and photos to give context to submitted documents.
4. Validation Report
The researcher will write a validation report for final verification from the LongeviQuest team before the profile goes live on our website.
Accepted Documents
We accept some other documents not listed below. If you are unsure about us accepting your document, send it anyway and we will follow up for additional information.
Early Life Documents
Birth Certificate
Baptismal Documents
Mid-Life Documents
Marriage Certificate
Children’s Birth Certificates
ID/Military Card
Family Registry
Late Life Documents
Census Record
Health Insurance Card
Pensioner Qualification Card
Government Congratulatory Letter
As the #1 authority on supercentenarians, any documentation and personal data sent to us is secure on our platform. Read more about our confidentiality guarantee and license grant disclaimer.
Confidentiality Disclaimer
License Grant Disclaimer