Bloemendaal, North Holland, NetherlandsJan van Ierland, believed to be the oldest living Dutch-born person in the world, celebrated his 110th birthday today. This was confirmed by the European Supercentenarian Organization (ESO), who have made his age pending validation as of today.

Jan van Ierland was born in Tilburg, North Brabant, Netherlands, on 5 May 1914. He got married in 1944, and had six children. He studied physics in Delft and later pursued psychology out of personal interest. To support his family, he worked as a graphic designer.

He is the first Dutch-born man to become a supercentenarian in over a decade, with the previous one being Cornelis Geurtz in May 2012. Currently, he is the oldest known Dutch-born person in the world, and possibly the second-oldest living person in the Netherlands, following Vietnamese-born John Huang, who celebrated his claimed 110th birthday last February.

The LongeviQuest team would like to extend our congratulations. We hope he enjoyed his day, and we wish him many more years of happiness.