LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Christine Phillips at 111 years old. She was an American supercentenarian who was recorded as the second-oldest person living in Oklahoma, USA, at the time of her death.
Phillips was born on 7 October 1909 in Loyal, Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, USA. Her parents were John H. Kruse, a German born in Hamburg, and Katie A. Ittner, born in Nebraska. She and her older brother were born on a family farm located at the east of Loyal, Kingfisher County. She attended a schoolhouse in Excelsior where she graduated from the eighth grade.
On her 110th birthday in 2019. (Source: Centenarians of Oklahoma)

On her 110th birthday in 2019.
(Source: Centenarians of Oklahoma)

In 1935, she married Ralph A. Phillips and the two of them ran a dairy farm southwest of Hennessey. Mr. and Mrs. Phillips had one daughter whom they named Shirley.
Mrs. Phillips passed away on 16 December 2020, in Kingfisher County, Oklahoma, at the age of 111 years old.
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