Mathilda Kolt, age 110, is now a validated American supercentenarian.

Mathilda Kolt was born in New Jersey, USA, on 10 February 1914. Kolt moved with her family to Cleveland as a child, where she attended school and juggled various jobs during the Depression, including a jewelry store and a knitting factory. Most of her career was spent at her brother-in-law’s jewelry store. She was a sister, a wife, and a mother to 2 children.

After moving to Solon with her husband, Kolt spent 20 years actively involved in the Solon Senior Center. There, she particularly enjoyed mahjong and befriended her instructor, Mary Trient. When Trient had a trip to Israel, Kolt entrusted her with a note for the Western Wall in Jerusalem, considering it a highlight of her life.

In January 2021, aged 106. (Source: Cleveland Jewish News)

In January 2021, aged 106.
(Source: Cleveland Jewish News)

At 101, Kolt transitioned to a senior living community. At 107, she enjoys a loving family with two grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. A dedicated member of Hadassah and raised in the Jewish Orthodox tradition, she credits Kosher practices and her beloved husband for her long, fulfilling life.

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