LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Nancy Merriman at 112 years old. She was the first African-American supercentenarian whose age has been validated by LongeviQuest.

Nancy Merriman was born on her father’s 300-acre farm near Waterloo, Illinois, USA, on 19 December 1841. Around the age of 8, Nancy and her family relocated to Lebanon where they lived for 18 years.

When Nancy’s parents passed away, she moved back to East Carondelet, Illinois. This is where she married Sylvester Merriman, with whom she had seven daughters with. The couple was separated after 12 years of marriage and so Nancy relocated to St. Louis, Illinois, where her daughters received education.

Shortly after her 111th birthday. (Source: United Press International)

Shortly after her 111th birthday.
(Source: United Press International)

In 1927, she moved to Chicago and continued working as a laundress until she was 75 years old. After turning 100 years old, her eyesight started to significantly deteriorate.

Nancy Merriman passed away on 14 January 1954 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. She was 112 years and 26 days old, making her the first African-American supercentenarian at the time of her death.

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