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Ken Weeks, Australia’s Oldest Living Man, Turns 110 Years Old

Ken Weeks on his 110th birthday.

LongeviQuest is delighted to share that Ken Weeks, Australia’s oldest living man, turns 110 years old.

Kenneth Loxton Weeks was born on 5 October 1913 in Grafton, New South Wales, Australia.

Ken has had many occupations in his life. He worked on construction jobs like putting up roads and constructing wartime airfields at Evans Head. He was also a truck driver, a petrol station operator, and an employee at the Grafton Match Factory. Ken is also a co-owner of a Chrysler car dealership and repair business in Grafton. After World War II, he set up a radio and electrical sales and repair business at 59 Prince St. He operated this shop for several years but later replaced it with a milk bar. Consequently, he worked as a school bus driver at Clarance Valley.

Ken Weeks
Ken Weeks on his 110th Birthday

Ken Weeks moved to an aged care facility at Whiddon Grafton in September 2018 just before turning 105 years old. Even at the age of 110, he is still active and can walk unaided.

LongeviQuest extends our warmest congratulations to Mr. Ken Weeks for celebrating his 110th birthday.

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