LongeviQuest is pleased to confirm that Elizabeth Francis recently celebrated her birthday on 30 July 2023, five days after her actual birthday at the age of 114 years old. Mrs. Francis is the world’s seventh oldest validated living person (behind María Branyas MoreraFusa Tatsumi, Edie Ceccarelli, Tomiko Itooka, Inah Canabarro Lucas and Juan Vicente Pérez Mora), the second oldest validated living person in the United States (behind Edie Ceccarelli), and the oldest known living person in Texas.

LongeviQuest CEO Ben Meyers, Oldest Living Texan Mrs. Elizabeth Francis, and her granddaughter Mrs. Ethel Harrison

She celebrated her 114th Birthday in Houston, Texas, United States in the company of many family members, church members, the CEO and director of LongeviQuest; Mr. Ben Meyers, local politicians, local media, and two journalists from Norway who traveled specifically for the occasion. She was celebrated with flowers, a delicious cake, and numerous birthday wishes from fans and researchers across the world were conveyed to her family and to Mrs. Francis herself.

Mrs. Francis surrounded by family members including granddaughter (left) and daughter (right)

Mrs. Francis was active and alert during the entire event, holding court for over four hours and receiving a parade of well-wishers. She was accompanied most of the time by her 94-year-old daughter. Her family was very touched that so many people worldwide appreciate their beloved “Queen Elizabeth of Houston,” a new affectionate used by her loved ones. When asked for life advice by a visitor, Mrs. Francis replied, “If the Good Lord give it to you, use it!  Speak your mind, don’t bite your tongue!”

Houston News Anchor Melanie Lawson, Oldest Living Texan Mrs. Elizabeth Francis, her granddaughter Mrs. Ethel Harrison, and LongeviQuest CEO Ben Meyers

LongeviQuest deeply thanks and appreciates Mrs. Francis’ family to give LongeviQuest permission to visit her, particularly her granddaughter Ethel Harrison. It was an honor for all of us.

We deeply appreciate and thank to our photographer Mr. Emmanuel Rodriguez (@supermannyphoto) for the beautiful photos.

Elizabeth Francis’ Biography

Mrs. Elizabeth Francis was born in Louisiana, USA on 25 July 1909. Early in her life, she moved to Houston, Texas.

In the 1970s, she ran the coffee shop at Houston TV station KTRK-TV. When asked about the secret of her longevity, she replied that it is her faith in God. At the time of her 112th birthday, she had three grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren. In July 2023, aged 114, she lived with her 94-year-old daughter.

Francis’s sister Bertha Johnson (1904–2011) lived to the age of 106, making them one of the oldest sibling pairs.

For more information, please view Elizabeth Francis’s Directory Profile here.