LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Frank Mawer at 110 years old. He was an Australian supercentenarian who was considered as the oldest living man in the country at the time of his demise.

Frank Mawer was born on 15 August 1912 in New South Wales, Australia.

His parents died when he was just a kid, leaving him and his three younger sisters to become wards of the state. The siblings were forced to work at an early age to earn a living. His sisters went into domestic service while he was working as a laborer on a dairy farm. A few years later, he would become an apprentice carpenter.

Pictured with his wife and children, undated.
(Source: Bega District News)

Frank Mawer married Elizabeth in 1939 shortly after the outbreak of World War II. He met her while he was working as a carpenter in Sydney while she was a secretary in the same building.

Mr. Mawer refused to join the war efforts of his country due to his religious beliefs. Instead, he worked on the construction of an ammunition storage building for the Australian Army in North Queensland.

His wife was diagnosed with dementia and his family opposed to send her into a nursing home. That is why Frank became her caretaker. The couple remained for 70 years together until Elizabeth passed away in 2009 due to breast cancer.

Shortly before his 110th birthday in 2022.
(Source: Bega District News)

Upon celebrating his 110th birthday in August 2022, Frank became the 6th Australian man to be a supercentenarian. Unfortunately, he contracted COVID-19 shortly after his birthday and passed away after a month.

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