It is with great pleasure for LongeviQuest to share that Isabel Barletta recently celebrated her 112th birthday. She is an Argentine supercentenarian known as the oldest living person in the country.

Isabel Barletta was born on 12 September 1911 in a house on Primera Junta Street, Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina, to an Italian immigrant father and an Argentine mother. Her family later moved on to José Martí Street to a house that her father and brothers had built.

On her 112th birthday in 2023.

She graduated from elementary school on Francisco Bilbao Street. After this, she continued her studies in Art History, drawing, and painting at the Fernando Fader School.

When asked about her secret on having an old age, she talked about having respect to other people as we are all equally made by God.

Isabel Barletta is currently residing at Flores, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

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