Yomitan, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan – Kikue Taira, the younger sister of the world’s oldest pair of siblings, died peacefully on the morning of 18 April 2024. Mrs. Taira and her elder sister, Kame Ganeko, were the world’s oldest ever pair of siblings with a combined age of over 228 years.

(photo above shows Kikue Taira, left, and Kame Ganeko, right, in 2016)

In addition to her joint records with her sister, Mrs. Taira was the oldest person in Okinawa Prefecture and tenth oldest person in the world at the time of her death.

Mrs. Taira was described by her granddaughters as, “a kind, vibrant person who always had a smile on her face.” She took great joy in gardening and cooking until moving into a care home at the age of 97. She was also a dedicated caregiver to her older sister, Mrs. Ganeko, even as she approached the age of 110 herself.

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