LongeviQuest is pleased to share that Anita Mackey, a former social worker, turns 110 years old. She is an American supercentenarian known as one of the pioneers of serving white clients at the Red Cross, challenging the segregationist policy at that time. 

Anita celebrated her 110th birthday at the Vallejo Drive Church of Seventh-day Adventists wherein she was greeted by a Facebook post to appreciate her devoted life in service and justice. 

Anita Mackey was born on 1 January 1914 in Riverside, California, USA. Her father taught her a strong sense of social responsibility and a commitment to helping others. This is due to her father being a self-taught lawyer who championed the fight against segregationist policies.  

She got her bachelor’s degree in Speech from the University of Redlands in 1937. Four years later, she got her master’s degree in medical social work from the University of Chicago. This only proved her dedication to helping other people.   

Moreover, she also married Harvey Mackey in 1937 and moved to Chicago, Illinois, USA.  

Anita Mackey at 110

Anita Mackey at 110

She was able to present her skills in World War II at the Red Cross where she was one of the first African American social workers to serve white clients. Anita was unwavering in serving all veterans regardless of their race. Consequently, Mrs. Mackey effectively broke racial barriers that reached equity at the organization of Military Homes Services.  

After her retirement, she could still flourish in social work regardless of age. That is why Anita received numerous accolades for her dedication to helping other people.  

LongeviQuest extends our warmest greetings of celebration for Anita Mackey’s 110th birthday.