LongeviQuest is delighted to share that Tome Tanaka celebrated her 111th birthday. She is a Japanese supercentenarian recognized as the oldest living person in Himeji City.

LongeviQuest sent flowers for Mrs. Tanaka’s 111th Birthday party which was celebrated a day earlier on 27 October 2023. She is currently staying at a nursing home where her daughter visits her every day. Mrs. Tanaka has recently been snacking on pudding, soft cakes, and sweet potato cakes brought by her daughter.

Tome Tanaka was born on 28 October 1912 in Himeji, Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan.

Tome was married in her youth days, but she got re-married again in her late 30s. She gave birth to her daughter when she was 39 years old.

Tome Tanaka's 111th Birthday Celebration

Tome Tanaka’s 111th Birthday Celebration

She worked in a match factory before opening a small bird store she got from her sister. After some time, she closed her store to take care of her grandchildren. Mrs. Tanaka also helped her daughter and son-in-law by sewing kimonos and undergarments.

LongeviQuest extends our warmest greetings of celebration for Mrs. Tome Tanaka’s 111th Birthday.

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