LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Charlotte Pritchett at age 110. She was an American supercentenarian who claimed to be 119 years old at the time of her death. However, LongeviQuest validated that her actual age when she passed away was only 110.

Charlotte Pritchett was born on 8 August 1875 in Marengo County, Alabama, USA. She was born as Charlotte Elizabeth Harper to a Cherokee Tribe member father and a Creek Tribe member mother. After being bought and sold, her parents ended up in Marengo County where Charlotte and her siblings were born.

According to reports, she married General Pritchett sometime in the 1880s and had 13 children with him.

On her claimed 117th (more likely 108th) birthday in 1983.

On her claimed 117th (more likely 108th) birthday in 1983.

Pritchett claimed that her date of birth was 8 February 1866 but upon reviewing the 1880 and 1900 census records, her case was debunked. These two earliest documents indicated her ages as 5 and 25, respectively. Led by Okiku S. and Jimmy Lindberg, Charlotte’s date of birth was corrected to February 1875 and not 1866. This proved that she was only 110 years old and not her claimed age of 119 at the time of her death.

Charlotte Pritchett passed away on 24 December 1985 in Dixons Mill, Marengo County, Alabama, USA. Some reports indicated that she underwent gallbladder surgery before passing away.

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