Isumi, Chiba Prefecture, Japan — Mrs. Hanako Ishii, one of the oldest living residents of Chiba Prefecture, celebrated her 111th birthday on May 7th, as confirmed by her family.

Mrs. Ishii was born in Emi Village (Awa District), Chiba Prefecture, on 7 May 1913. Her parents operated a tofu shop. Upon completing high school, she found a job at a general company, where she worked until her marriage. At the age of 39, she got married, and gave birth to her son at the age of 40. A year later, her husband passed away. This prompted her to return to her parents’ home with her young son.

At the age of 100, she moved into a nursing home, but due to recurring health problems, she was transferred to a hospital specializing in senior care at 105.

This January, the LongeviQuest team, led by LQ Japan President Mrs. Yumi Yamamoto and LQ CEO Mr. Ben Meyers, had the honor of visiting Mrs. Ishii. Our representatives were greeted with a wide smile that Mrs. Ishii maintained throughout the entire visit. According to her family and caregivers, Hanako-san is a very happy woman, which was evident to our representatives who had the honor of meeting her in person. She knows she is loved and appreciated by her family and the hospital staff and feels happy every day.

We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Mrs. Ishii on her 111th birthday. We hope she had a wonderful day and look forward to seeing her again. Our gratitude also goes to her family and the hospital staff for sharing photos from the celebration.