LongeviQuest is delighted to report that the European Supercentenarian Organisation (ESO) has validated the age of Martha Furrer-Omlin at 110. She was born in Sachseln, Obwalden, Switzerland on 23 June 1913. Furrer-Omlin was one of seven children, with four sisters and two brothers. She is the second-oldest living person in the country after Marie Guerne.

Furrer-Omlin grew up on a farm, where she helped her family with chores after school. As a young adult, she worked as a waitress in several restaurants. Furrer-Omlin got married in 1949 in Sachseln. The couple had two sons and rented an apartment in Taubach before purchasing their own property.

Furrer-Omlin on her 105th birthday. (Source: Luzerner Zeitung)

Furrer-Omlin on her 105th birthday.
(Source: Luzerner Zeitung)

Furrer-Omlin was a member of the 13er club in Erstfeld, Uri, which was comprised of people born in 1913 who met regularly and partook in small outings. By the time Furrer-Omlin reached centenarian status, she had outlived all of her fellow members.

Furrer-Omlin lived with her two sons in Erstfeld when she became a centenarian. She enjoyed watching television or traffic on the street from her window and did not go outside for her own safety. At the age of 106, she did not require glasses or a hearing aid. At 110, Furrer-Omlin is the first supercentenarian from the cantons of Obwalden and Uri.

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