LongeviQuest is pleased to report that the European Supercentenarian Organisation (ESO) has validated the age of Annie Dennett at 110. She was born in Galgate, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom on 27 July 1913. She had nine siblings. At 14, she left school to work in a cotton mill.

Dennett married her husband in February 1944, after meeting him while serving with the Royal Voluntary Service during World War II. The couple had two daughters. The family initially lived with her parents-in-law in Charlton Marshall, Dorset, where she worked at Clayesmore School. Her husband worked for many years at the Hall and Woodhouse Brewery. At age 80, she became a volunteer with Help the Aged at Blandford, where she worked for two afternoons a week for the next 14 years.

On her 110th birthday in 2023. (Source: Facebook/Mayor of Blandford Forum)

On her 110th birthday in 2023.
(Source: Facebook/Mayor of Blandford Forum)

In 2021, Dennett had been invited to a garden party at Buckingham Palace, but it was postponed because of the COVID pandemic. She later received a letter from Prince Edward telling her he was sorry it had to be canceled. However, she was too frail to travel to the re-arranged party in May 2022.

For more information, please view Mrs. Dennett’s Directory Profile here.

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