LongeviQuest is happy to announce the age validation for Kiku Aoyama at 111 years old. Upon validating her, it was known that she was the oldest living woman in Hokkaido Prefecture just before passing away.

Kiku Aoyama was born in Hakodate, Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan, on 6 September 1906.

She had nine children with her husband and then they later moved to Asahikawa where he is working. Moving on, she started working as a cook in a hospital in the city when she was in her fifties.

At the age of 111. (Source: Hokkaido Shinbun)

At the age of 111.
(Source: Hokkaido Shinbun)

Mrs. Aoyama lived independently until the age of 109 and she was still able to cook and do the laundry by herself. She has a daughter living nearby that occasionally helped her whenever she needed something.

She moved into a nursing home in November 2016 where she was loved. According to her family and nursing home staff, she was very lovely and caring to everyone around her.

Aoyama passed away on 12 August 2018, in Asahikawa, Hokkaido, Prefecture, Japan, due to heart failure.

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