LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Juanita Mitchell at 111 years old. She is an American supercentenarian considered as one of the oldest living residents of Illinois, USA.

Juanita Mitchell was born on 15 December 1911, in Louisiana, to her parents named William Carrere and Cinderella Cannon. When she was 7 years old, she moved with her mother and younger sister to Chicago, Illinois. They were staying with her aunt and uncle, Beulah and Cecil White, in a house near the corner of 35th Street and Giles Avenue. This was when the family witnessed the Red Summer unfold in the city in 1919.

In May 2023, aged 111. (Source: Chicago Sun-Times)

In May 2023, aged 111.
(Source: Chicago Sun-Times)

Juanita Mitchell was a graduate of Hyde Park High School then worked as a seamstress. She also worked as a schoolteacher just before getting married. After marriage, she had a daughter and a son.

She lived most of her life in Chicago until she moved to Flossmoor, Illinois, in 1996.

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