Sra. Silveria Martín Díaz, the second oldest living person in Spain, has reached the age of 113. Sra. Martín Díaz is the oldest living person in the autonomous community of Extremadura. Within Spain, her age is exceeded only by 116-year-old María Branyas Morera, the world’s oldest living person.

Sra. Martín Díaz celebrated her 113th birthday a few days early surrounded by loved ones in a festive ceremony in La Vera. In attendance were her 77-year-old daughter, Julia, along with multiple grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren. The ceremony was also attended by the director of Sra. Martín Díaz’s residential center, and a classical music group from a nearby town who played some of Silveria’s favorite pieces, and LongeviQuest Spain Researcher Daniel Germán Delgado. Delgado presented Sra. Martín Díaz with a plaque certifying her recognition by LongeviQuest as Extremadura’s oldest living person. Delgado also presented a plaque for her eldest living daughter, not in attendance, recognizing her status as the oldest living child of a living parent in Spain.

According to Delgado, Sra. Martín Díaz was active and conversational during the event. At various points, she smiled, laughed, and cried tears of happiness. Her daughter told LongeviQuest that her mother maintains a positive quality of life and does not suffer from chronic pain. She enjoyed the event and was able to bask in the admiration of her loved ones and her entire community.

LongeviQuest congratulates Sra. Martín Díaz on her birthday and we are grateful to her, her loved ones, and her caregivers for allowing us to celebrate with you.

Below are some photographs from the event, taken by photographer David Garcia Carrere:

La Sra. Silveria Martín Díaz, la segunda persona viva más longeva de España, ha cumplido 113 años. La Sra. Martín Díaz es la persona viva más anciana de la Comunidad Autónoma de Extremadura. En España, su edad sólo es superada por María Branyas Morera, de 116 años, la persona viva más longeva del mundo.


La Sra. Martín Díaz celebró unos días antes su 113 cumpleaños rodeada de sus seres queridos en una ceremonia festiva en La Vera. Asistieron su hija de 77 años, Julia, y numerosos nietos, bisnietos y tataranietos. También asistieron a la ceremonia el director del centro residencial de la Sra. Martín Díaz, un grupo de música clásica de una localidad cercana que interpretó algunas de las piezas favoritas de Silveria, y el investigador de LongeviQuest España Daniel Germán Delgado. Delgado entregó a la Sra. Martín Díaz una placa acreditativa de su reconocimiento por parte de LongeviQuest como la persona viva más longeva de Extremadura. Delgado también entregó una placa a su hija mayor viva, que no asistió, reconociéndole su condición de hija de padre vivo de mayor edad de España.

Según Delgado, la Sra. Martín Díaz se mostró activa y conversadora durante el acto. En varios momentos sonrió, rió y lloró de felicidad. Su hija contó a LongeviQuest que su madre mantiene una calidad de vida positiva y no sufre dolores crónicos. Disfrutó del evento y pudo disfrutar de la admiración de sus seres queridos y de toda su comunidad.

LongeviQuest felicita a la Sra. Martín Díaz por su cumpleaños y le damos las gracias a ella, a sus seres queridos y a sus cuidadores por permitirnos celebrarlo con vosotros.

A continuación se muestran algunas fotografías del evento, tomadas por el fotógrafo David García Carrere:

LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Felipe Hilario Juzgado Herranz at 110 years old. He was born in Chozas de Canales, Province of Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, on 11 April 1911.

His family traveled to the capital with their wagons and mules containing the fruits and vegetables they grew in a garden outside their house. They would sell these products in Madrid, and they usually stay to sleep in the city before going home the next day.

Spanish Supercentenarian Felipe Herranz with his Granddaughters
Undated, with his granddaughters
(Source: Adoronews)

At some point, he married Cristeta Sanchez, with whom he had a son and a daughter. The family moved to Madrid, where Mr. Juzgado Herranz would work in construction.

At the age of 67, he retired from working. Two years later, the couple returned to their native Chozas de Canales in 1980.

Juzgado Herranz passed away in Chozas de Canales, Province of Toledo, Castilla-La Mancha, Spain on 26 April 2021, at the age of 110 years, 15 days.

At the time of death, he was the second-oldest living man in Spain, behind Saturnino de la Fuente García.

For more information, please view Felipe Hilario Juzgado Herranz’s Directory Profile here.

María Branyas Morera, the oldest validated living person in the world, became the oldest person ever in the entire history of Spain.

Sra. Branyas Morera became the oldest person in the history of Spain after surpassing the age of the previous record holder of Mrs. Ana María Vela Rubio on 21 April 2023, at the age of 116 years and 48 days.

Maria lives her daily life at her residence in Santa Maria del Tura in the city of Olot, Catalonia, Spain.

Branyas expresses that while she doesn’t feel anything special about the record of being the oldest living person in the world or the oldest person ever in the history of Spain because she only feels “older”, she appreciates the fact of continuing to live, and enjoy life in a healthy way.