LongeviQuest Japan was privileged to have the opportunity to visit Mrs. Masa Matsumoto to honor her longevity. We visited her at her nursing home and celebrated together with her family on October 1, 2023. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, she could not see her family for about three years from 2020 until May 2023, but since June 2023 she has been able to see them again. Now she enjoys having her family visit her twice a month. Matsumoto is currently the 12th oldest person in the world and the oldest living person in Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan.

LongeviQuest Japan presented Mrs. Matsumoto with a plaque and a Phalaenopsis orchid. Mrs. Matsumoto adored the phalaenopsis and remarked: “It’s beautiful.”
During our 15-minute meeting, Yamamoto placed her hand on Mrs. Matsumoto’s arm and she commented, “Your hand is warm.” She also kept looking at her daughter Yasuko Nishide’s face and nodded when her daughter spoke to her.

Mrs. Matsumoto was born on 29 November 1909 in Kōnan-cho, Kōka District, Japan (now part of the city of Kōka). She was the oldest of seven children. After graduating from elementary school, she moved away from home and worked as a babysitter for several years at the Mitsubishi Group mansion in Osaka. At the age of 22, she married her childhood friend and had two children, a son and a daughter. Matsumoto lived with her eldest son’s family in Osaka until she was 89. She took pleasure in being with her grandchildren. At 89, Matsumoto even traveled to England to visit her granddaughter. She also visited Belgium while there.

Matsumoto lived in a three-story house. She was reported to walk up and down the stairs to get to her room on the third floor until the age of 108. Between the ages of 92 and 108, Matsumoto attended a local care center for the elderly three times a week, where she painted with watercolors. At 108, she broke her back in a fall and was hospitalized. Matsumoto worked hard in rehab to recover and was able to go home. She then stayed in Yokohama City to live with her eldest daughter a month later. She had no other major health problems in her life and drank sake every day until she entered a nursing home. Matsumoto also preferred meat to fish (especially Japanese yakitori). Her family shared that her secret to a long life is her calm personality.

We sincerely wish Mrs. Masa Matsumoto good health and happiness. We also would like to express our deep gratitude to Mrs. Matsumoto’s family and nursing home for graciously accepting our visit.

2023年9月19日、LongeviQuest(ロンジェビクエスト)は沖縄県読谷村内最高齢の平良菊江さん(113)と故・我如古カメさん(114)を「世界最高齢のきょうだいペア」と認定し、楯をお贈りいたしました。 Continue reading “世界最高齢のきょうだいペア、我如古カメさん・平良菊江さんを認定”

Yomitan Village, Okinawa Prefecture, Japan – On September 19, 2023, our team had the honor of visiting the younger sister of the world’s oldest pair of siblings in history, the 15th oldest living person in the world, and the second-oldest known living person in Okinawa Prefecture, Mrs. Kikue Taira. In most families, one person reaching the age of 113 would be a unique achievement, but Mrs. Taira’s sister, Kame Ganeko, lived to the age of 114.

Mrs. Taira (106 at the time) with her sister Mrs. Ganeko (111 at the time) in June 2016

Mrs. Taira was presented with two plaques and a bouquet of flowers at Yomitan No Sato, a special nursing home for the elderly. One of the plaques was addressed to her, and one to her older sister, Mrs. Ganeko, who at the time of her death on October 18th 2019, was the second-oldest ever person from Okinawa Prefecture and the seventh-oldest person in the world. The plaques certified the sisters’ status as the world’s oldest ever pair of siblings, with a combined age of over 227 years.

Mrs. Taira holding the plaque honoring her and her sister

LongeviQuest Japan President Yumi Yamamoto had the privilege of carrying out the visit, where she was warmly welcomed by two of Mrs. Taira’s grandchildren, who expressed deep gratitude for the acknowledgement of their grandmother’s incredible achievement. Mrs. Taira is hard of hearing, but when spoken to loudly up close can still understand what is being said. When Yamamoto congratulated her on her achievement, she clearly stated her date of birth, demonstrating an awareness of the celebration being held in her honor.

Mrs. Taira with her granddaughter Naomi Yabiku and LongeviQuest’s Yumi Yamamoto

Mrs. Taira was born on 26th April 1910 (Meiji 43) in Yomitanson, Okinawa Prefecture, the third of four sisters, preceded by her older sister and fellow supercentenarian, Kame Ganeko. Mrs. Taira moved to Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture as a teenager to work as a textile spinner before moving back to Okinawa in her early 20’s where she married Mr. Ryoshin, with whom she had 6 children. She lived on her own for 24 years between the ages of 73 and 97 before entering care after injuring her femur in a fall at home.

Yumi Yamamoto speaking with Kikue Taira

Mrs. Taira was said to be very close to her older sister, whom she supported by visiting the nursing home she lived in well into old age. Her granddaughters described her as a “kind, vibrant person who always had a smile on her face” – a warmth which could be felt when they shared stories of the great joy she took in cooking traditional Okinawan food for her family. A woman of varied interests, Mrs. Taira was an avid knitter in her younger years and enjoyed cultivating flowers in her garden, an activity which she continued until entering care at the age of 97, demonstrating her strong sense of self-reliance and physical capability. From an early age, she had a passion for food, which the nursing staff informed us continues to this day. Her grandchildren believe her hearty appetite has likely contributed to her longevity.

Mrs. Taira posing with her granddaughter Naomi Yabiku and LongeviQuest representatives Yumi Yamamoto and Jack Steer

We deeply appreciate and thank to the Kikue Taira’s family and nursing home staff who received LongeviQuest team very warmly and our photographer Mr. Nomoto Shunki for the beautiful photos.

LongeviQuest is pleased to confirm that Elizabeth Francis recently celebrated her birthday on 30 July 2023, five days after her actual birthday at the age of 114 years old. Mrs. Francis is the world’s seventh oldest validated living person (behind María Branyas MoreraFusa Tatsumi, Edie Ceccarelli, Tomiko Itooka, Inah Canabarro Lucas and Juan Vicente Pérez Mora), the second oldest validated living person in the United States (behind Edie Ceccarelli), and the oldest known living person in Texas.

LongeviQuest CEO Ben Meyers, Oldest Living Texan Mrs. Elizabeth Francis, and her granddaughter Mrs. Ethel Harrison

She celebrated her 114th Birthday in Houston, Texas, United States in the company of many family members, church members, the CEO and director of LongeviQuest; Mr. Ben Meyers, local politicians, local media, and two journalists from Norway who traveled specifically for the occasion. She was celebrated with flowers, a delicious cake, and numerous birthday wishes from fans and researchers across the world were conveyed to her family and to Mrs. Francis herself.

Mrs. Francis surrounded by family members including granddaughter (left) and daughter (right)

Mrs. Francis was active and alert during the entire event, holding court for over four hours and receiving a parade of well-wishers. She was accompanied most of the time by her 94-year-old daughter. Her family was very touched that so many people worldwide appreciate their beloved “Queen Elizabeth of Houston,” a new affectionate used by her loved ones. When asked for life advice by a visitor, Mrs. Francis replied, “If the Good Lord give it to you, use it!  Speak your mind, don’t bite your tongue!”

Houston News Anchor Melanie Lawson, Oldest Living Texan Mrs. Elizabeth Francis, her granddaughter Mrs. Ethel Harrison, and LongeviQuest CEO Ben Meyers
LongeviQuest deeply thanks and appreciates Mrs. Francis’ family to give LongeviQuest permission to visit her, particularly her granddaughter Ethel Harrison. It was an honor for all of us.

We deeply appreciate and thank to our photographer Mr. Emmanuel Rodriguez (@supermannyphoto) for the beautiful photos.

Elizabeth Francis’ Biography

Mrs. Elizabeth Francis was born in Louisiana, USA on 25 July 1909. Early in her life, she moved to Houston, Texas.

In the 1970s, she ran the coffee shop at Houston TV station KTRK-TV. When asked about the secret of her longevity, she replied that it is her faith in God. At the time of her 112th birthday, she had three grandchildren, four great-grandchildren, and two great-great-grandchildren. In July 2023, aged 114, she lived with her 94-year-old daughter.

Francis’s sister Bertha Johnson (1904–2011) lived to the age of 106, making them one of the oldest sibling pairs.

For more information, please view Elizabeth Francis’s Directory Profile here.

Sra. Silveria Martín Díaz, the second oldest living person in Spain, has reached the age of 113. Sra. Martín Díaz is the oldest living person in the autonomous community of Extremadura. Within Spain, her age is exceeded only by 116-year-old María Branyas Morera, the world’s oldest living person.

Sra. Martín Díaz celebrated her 113th birthday a few days early surrounded by loved ones in a festive ceremony in La Vera. In attendance were her 77-year-old daughter, Julia, along with multiple grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great-grandchildren. The ceremony was also attended by the director of Sra. Martín Díaz’s residential center, and a classical music group from a nearby town who played some of Silveria’s favorite pieces, and LongeviQuest Spain Researcher Daniel Germán Delgado. Delgado presented Sra. Martín Díaz with a plaque certifying her recognition by LongeviQuest as Extremadura’s oldest living person. Delgado also presented a plaque for her eldest living daughter, not in attendance, recognizing her status as the oldest living child of a living parent in Spain.

According to Delgado, Sra. Martín Díaz was active and conversational during the event. At various points, she smiled, laughed, and cried tears of happiness. Her daughter told LongeviQuest that her mother maintains a positive quality of life and does not suffer from chronic pain. She enjoyed the event and was able to bask in the admiration of her loved ones and her entire community.

LongeviQuest congratulates Sra. Martín Díaz on her birthday and we are grateful to her, her loved ones, and her caregivers for allowing us to celebrate with you.

Below are some photographs from the event, taken by photographer David Garcia Carrere:

La Sra. Silveria Martín Díaz, la segunda persona viva más longeva de España, ha cumplido 113 años. La Sra. Martín Díaz es la persona viva más anciana de la Comunidad Autónoma de Extremadura. En España, su edad sólo es superada por María Branyas Morera, de 116 años, la persona viva más longeva del mundo.


La Sra. Martín Díaz celebró unos días antes su 113 cumpleaños rodeada de sus seres queridos en una ceremonia festiva en La Vera. Asistieron su hija de 77 años, Julia, y numerosos nietos, bisnietos y tataranietos. También asistieron a la ceremonia el director del centro residencial de la Sra. Martín Díaz, un grupo de música clásica de una localidad cercana que interpretó algunas de las piezas favoritas de Silveria, y el investigador de LongeviQuest España Daniel Germán Delgado. Delgado entregó a la Sra. Martín Díaz una placa acreditativa de su reconocimiento por parte de LongeviQuest como la persona viva más longeva de Extremadura. Delgado también entregó una placa a su hija mayor viva, que no asistió, reconociéndole su condición de hija de padre vivo de mayor edad de España.

Según Delgado, la Sra. Martín Díaz se mostró activa y conversadora durante el acto. En varios momentos sonrió, rió y lloró de felicidad. Su hija contó a LongeviQuest que su madre mantiene una calidad de vida positiva y no sufre dolores crónicos. Disfrutó del evento y pudo disfrutar de la admiración de sus seres queridos y de toda su comunidad.

LongeviQuest felicita a la Sra. Martín Díaz por su cumpleaños y le damos las gracias a ella, a sus seres queridos y a sus cuidadores por permitirnos celebrarlo con vosotros.

A continuación se muestran algunas fotografías del evento, tomadas por el fotógrafo David García Carrere:


ロンジェビクエスト・ジャパン代表 山本優美がお話を伺いました。

Continue reading “106歳の現役理容師 箱石シツイさんの健康長寿の秘訣”

Two representatives of LongeviQuest had the honor to visit Sr. Juan Vicente Pérez Mora, the world’s oldest living man, on his 114th birthday on 27 May 2023.

Sr. Pérez Mora was born in El Cobre, Tachira, Venezuela, on 27 May 1909. In 1938, he married Ediofina del Rosario García, with whom he had eleven children. In January 2021, the Latin American Supercentenarians (LAS) officially validated his age, making him the first validated Venezuelan supercentenarian. Now, more than two years later, he becomes the first validated man in over a decade to reach the age of 114.

The celebration party held in his hometown of San José de Bolívar, Táchira, Venezuela was attended by the commissioner and director of LongeviQuest América, Fabrizio Villatoro of Mexico, and one of the leading researchers in South America, Esteban González Olase of Uruguay. During the visit, LongeviQuest congratulated and celebrated his longevity, and presented Sr. Pérez Mora with a trophy in honor of his status as the world’s oldest living man and Venezuela’s oldest living person, along with a cake, flowers, and congratulations from fans from more than 13 countries around the world.

LongeviQuest sincerely extends our gratitude to Sr. Pérez Mora’s family for giving us permission and honor to visit him.

We deeply appreciate and thank our photographer Mr. Alejandro Gandica Escalona for the beautiful photos.

The LongeviQuest team visited Fusa Tatsumi-san on her 116th birthday on April 25, 2023. We met her and her family at her nursing home Hakutou in Kashiwara City, Osaka Prefecture, Japan.

The CEO and director of LongeviQuest; Mr. Ben Meyers, Commissioner and President of LQ Japan; Mrs. Yumi Yamamoto, and the Commissioner and President of LQ América; Mr. Fabrizio Villatoro, visited Fusa Tatsumi-san on behalf of the organization. We had a pleasant visit with the mayor of the Kashiwara City; Mr. Masahiro Fuke, the nursing home staff, Tatsumi-san’s family members and Tatsumi-san herself. Fusa Tatsumi was very calm, but active at hearing about those who speaks to her.

Tatsumi’s relatives were very welcoming to the LongeviQuest team. We congratulated and celebrated her longevity by giving her flowers, a beautiful cake with decorations that represents the longevity in Japan, a plaque of her incredible longevity about being the oldest living person in Japan, and the birthday wishes of many fans and researchers who congratulated and sent to her.

LongeviQuest deeply thanks and appreciates the nursing home staff and Fusa Tatsumi’s family to give us permission to visit her, it was an honor to all of us.

We deeply appreciate and thank to our photographer Mrs. Akane Matsumoto for the beautiful photos.