On 22 June 2024, Mr. Daniel Germán Delgado, a representative of LongeviQuest Spain, traveled to the town of Villanueva de la Vera in the community of Extremadura in Spain, to visit Mrs. Silveria Martín Díaz, the oldest Spanish-born person and the second-oldest living person in Spain, after American-born Spanish María Branyas Morera, aged 117, resident of Olot, Catalonia.

Mr. Germán Delgado congratulated Mrs. Martín Díaz and her family on the remarkable achievement of reaching the age of 114. She was presented with a LongeviQuest certificate, sweets, a gift and a bouquet of flowers. Her nursing home and her family had prepared the event; having a delicious cake and decorating the place, and they warmly welcomed Mr. Germán. Our representative listened to Silveria’s stories and her advice on how to achieve a long life.

Silveria Martín Díaz was born on 20 June 1910 in Talavera la Vieja in Cáceres Municipality, Extremadura, Spain. She grew up there and later married José Arroyo. The couple had five children: Paco (Francisco), Ana María, Leo, María Andrea, and Anastasio. They lived in Talavera la Vieja until it was flooded in 1963, and when the inhabitants were rehoused in various towns. They spent a year in Rosalejo, the municipality where 80% of Talavera’s residents settled. The family later ended up emigrating to France where they left for work.

At the age of 109, she fell, broke her femur and had to undergo surgery. In September 2019, she had three living children Leo (aged 73), Maria Andrea (aged 86), and Anastasio (aged 81), 18 grandchildren, several great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

At the age of 114, she is very aware of her surroundings, suffers a little deafness but is able to see well.

We would like to expresses sincere gratitude for the opportunity to meet Mrs. Martín Díaz, to learn about her life, and for the warm welcome extended to our Spanish representative; Mr. Germán Delgado. We look forward to meeting her again and wish her continued good health and much happiness.


Check out the photos below taken during the visit: