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New Validation: Isabel De Salles Penteado (1894-2005) of Brazil

Undated. (Source: FamilySearch) Undated. (Source: FamilySearch)

Isabel de Salles Penteado was a validated Brazilian supercentenarian who died in 2005 at the age of 110.

Isabel de Salles Penteado was born at Fazenda Santa Rosa, situated along the banks of the Piracicaba River in São Paulo, Brazil, on 3 June 1894 (claimed 3 July 1893).  She was the daughter of Luiza Müller, a widowed seamstress, and Manuel de Moraes Barros, a senator for the State of São Paulo from 1895 to 1902. Her father was the brother of Prudente de Morais, who served as the third president of Brazil.

In 1903, at the age of 8-9. (Source: O Estado de São Paulo)
In 1903, at the age of 8-9.
(Source: O Estado de São Paulo)

When she learned French at school, she began studying piano with Maestro Luigi Chiaffarelli. It was during this time that she developed a taste for Chopin, Schubert, and romantic writers. She even read Victor Hugo and Alexandre Dumas in their original languages. Isabel met her future husband at a costume ball in 1916. Together, they had nine children

Mrs. de Salles Penteado was a participant in the Constitutionalist Revolution, sewing uniforms and working near the trenches. She even narrowly escaped injury and calmed a panicking man during the conflict. Throughout her life, she forged friendships with notable individuals such as the poet Guilherme de Almeida, the writer Paulo Duarte, and the pianist Guiomar Novaes.

As a young woman. (Source: Geni)
Isabel de Salles Penteado as a young woman.
(Source: Geni)

In January 2004, at the age of 109, she had 60 great-grandchildren and 4 great-great-grandchildren. She was known as “Dona Bebé.” At some point, she moved to the Lar Nossa Senhora das Mercês nursing home in Alto de Pinheiros.

Isabel de Salles Penteado passed away in the city of São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil, on 23 January 2005, at the age of 110 years, 234 days.

LongeviQuest congratulates Isabel de Salles Penteado’s family on her posthumous recognition.

For more information, please view Mrs. de Salles Penteado’s Directory Profile here.

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