LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Sarah Smith of the United States at age 110. She was born in Smartsville, Yuba County, California, United States on 1 January 1870. She was a sister, a wife, and a mother to 2 sons.

During the early 1980s, Sarah Smith’s family moved to Long Beach, Washington. They traveled in a covered wagon loaded with furniture, farm equipment, camping gear, and food supplies. The family acquired 250 acres of land along with a log house, which was later destroyed by fire. It was subsequently replaced with a two-story frame building surrounded by a wide porch. The Moore Ranch, as it came to be known, transformed into a beloved hub for community gatherings. The Smith family diligently cultivated fruits and vegetables while raising poultry, pigs, horses, and dairy cows. To supplement their income, her father operated a small store, catering to the needs of the local residents.

Shortly before her 100th birthday. (Source: The Columbian, 31 Dec 1969)

Shortly before her 100th birthday.
(Source: The Columbian, 31 Dec 1969)

At the age of 100, Smith resided in Stevenson, Washington with her son. After a couple of years, she moved to Highland Terrace nursing home in Camas. By the age of 103, she was primarily confined to her bed or a wheelchair. Smith was a devout member of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. She maintained a lifelong aversion to alcohol and smoking, and she had a preference for a vegetarian diet since childhood.

Smith passed away in Camas, Washington, USA, on 6 January 1980, at the age of 110 years, 5 days. She was survived by her two sons, four grandchildren, 23 great-grandchildren, and five great-great-grandchildren.

LongeviQuest congratulates Sarah Smith’s family on her posthumous recognition.

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