LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Armida Sholar of the United States at age 111. She was born in Sumter, South Carolina, United States on 9 August 1905. Sholar worked as a desk clerk at Wesley Long Hospital in Greensboro. Sholar was a member of Starmount Presbyterian and Westminster Presbyterian Churches. She moved to the White Stone independent apartments in 1978, where she volunteered to tend to the rose and flower gardens. Sholar was a sister, a wife, and a mother to 4 children.

Following a hip fracture, Sholar spent 17 years in the Care Center. One of her hobbies was playing bingo, and she rarely missed playing three times each week. She had cancer twice. She smoked until the age of 103, only deciding to quit after a fall resulted in a broken hip. Despite this, Sholar occasionally indulged in smoking until 2013 when her retirement community implemented a smoking ban on the premises. At the age of 109, she had trouble hearing and seeing, but she was still lucid. On 19 November 2016, following the death of 111-year-old Ruby Clodfelter, she became the oldest known living resident of North Carolina.

On her 111th birthday. (Source: Facebook/LiveatWhiteStone)

On her 111th birthday.
(Source: Facebook/LiveatWhiteStone)

Sholar passed away in Greensboro, North Carolina, USA, on 4 April 2017, at the age of 111 years, 238 days. Following her death, Hester Ford (who was only six days younger) succeeded her as North Carolina’s oldest living resident. She was survived by her son Bill, 12 grandchildren, as well as numerous great-grandchildren and great-great-grandchildren.

LongeviQuest congratulates Armida Sholar’s family on her posthumous recognition.

For more information, please view Sholar’s Directory Profile here.