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New Validation: Marguerite Wabano (1904-2015) of Canada

On her 106th birthday. (Source: Paul Lantz) Undated. (Source: Gerontology Wiki)

LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Marguerite Wabano at 111 years old. She was a Canadian supercentenarian known as the oldest living person in the country at the time of her death.

Marguerite Wabano was bon on 28 January 1904. It was reported that she was born “out in the bush” along Ekwan River just north of the present-day Attawapiskat First Nation in Kenora District, Ontario, Canada.

She attended St. Anne’s Indian Residential School when she was around seven years old before. Just after two years of being at school, her family relocated deeper into the wilderness to protect her and her siblings from the authorities and the school.

As a young woman, she married Raphael “Napihen” Wabano along the Kattawapiskak River and eventually had seven children together. The family moved to Moosonee so her husband could search for employment. Around 1995, her husband passed away.

At the age of 110.(Source: Paul Lantz)
At the age of 110.
(Source: Paul Lantz)

When Mrs. Wabano was 99 years old, she got a pacemaker implanted in her. However, the doctors detected that it had stopped working and they were not sure for how long it had been inactive.

When she was 110 years old, she was living alone while occasionally receiving some help from her children or grandchildren.  At this point, she could still walk while being aided by a walker.

Mrs. Wabano passed away on 13 November 2015 in Moosonee, Ontario, Canada. At the time of her death, she was 111 years old making her the oldest living person in the county at that time.

For more information, please view Marguerite Wabano’s Directory Profile here.

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