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New Validation: Mildred Skjordahl of the United States (1913-Present)

Skjordahl on her 110th birthday

LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Mildred Skjordahl of the United States at age 110. She was born in Hammond, Lake County, Indiana, United States on 10 July 1913. She was a daughter to two Polish-born parents. Skjordahl’s sister and father were also both blessed with long and healthy lives. Her older sister lived to be 96, and her father lived to be 100. Currently, Skjordahl is the oldest living person in the state of Arizona and is among the top 10 oldest people ever to reside in Arizona.

(Source: TMC Health)

At the age of 28, Skjordahl married her husband and together they had two sons. She began ballroom dancing at the age of 70 and won many awards in competitions. She gave up dancing in her 100s and took up painting as a hobby. Skjordahl lived in Florida for several years before moving to Catalina Foothills, a small community north of Tucson, Arizona.

On her 110th birthday, Skjordahl was visited by family and friends. She stated that the secret to her longevity was to “keep busy and keep breathing.”

For more information, please view Skjordahl’s Directory Profile here.

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