LongeviQuest is glad to announce the age validation of Florence Middleman at 110 years old. She was a Canadian supercentenarian considered as the oldest living person in the province of Alberta. Florence was also the oldest living Jewish woman in Canada.

Middleman was born on 13 August 1906 in Daysland, Alberta, Canada to parents Max Goldberg (1870-1943) and Mollie Goldberg (1876-1850) whom she had four brothers with.

With her brothers. (Source: The Community Press)

With her brothers.
(Source: The Community Press)

The family moved to Edmonton, Alberta in 1925. At some point, she married Harry Moe Middleman. The couple settled in Calgary and they only had one daughter.

Mrs. Middleman worked as a librarian at an elementary school until she retired at the age of 68 years old.

Florence Middleman passed away in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, on 3 February 2017. At this point, she was already 110 years, 174 days old.

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