Teodora Cea Bermejo, age 112, is now a validated Spanish supercentenarian. She also became the oldest known living person in the Community of Madrid in March 2022.

Teodora Cea Bermejo was born in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, Madrid, Spain, on 1 April 1912. She began working as a maid at a young age to support her family. Her father, blinded early in life, sold lottery tickets for the Spanish Organization for the Blind, while her mother worked as a maid and cleaner.

Married to a bricklayer, Bermejo continued to work due to insufficient family income. She had three children, with two passing away—one in infancy and another from a heart attack in 2020. When her financial situation improved in her sixties, she embraced travel and an active social life. As of April 2024, her surviving son is 77, and her only granddaughter is 50.

At 105, Bermejo underwent hip surgery after a fall, leading to reduced mobility due to a lack of rehabilitation. Before her 112th birthday, she suffered a urinary tract infection, weakening her.

On 30 March 2022, shortly before her 110th birthday, she became the oldest known living person in the Community of Madrid, following the passing of María Ángeles Uhler Terrés.

In May 2024, aged 112. (Source: Noticias de Ciudad Real)

In May 2024, aged 112.
(Source: Noticias de Ciudad Real)

On her 112th birthday, Dr. Manuel de la Peña, President of the European Institute of Health and Social Welfare, attributed her longevity to healthy habits and lifestyle. Her diet included vegetables, chocolate with churros, and a traditional Mediterranean diet. Bermejo enjoyed dancing, walking, and maintaining a slim figure. Although hypertensive, her blood pressure was well controlled, and she had a resting heart rate of 79 beats per minute despite atrial fibrillation, managed with anticoagulants. She never smoked or drank alcohol.

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