LongeviQuest is pleased to report that the European Supercentenarian Organisation (ESO) has validated the age of Argia De Socio at 110 years.

Argia De Socio was born on 2 May 1914 in Termoli, Campobasso, Molise

In 1935, she moved to Ceccano, Frosinone, and worked as a clerk in public offices.

She married a literature teacher named Rinaldo D’Ambrogio who was 28 years her senior. The couple had ten children together.

On her 108th birthday in 2022.
(Source: Termoli)

At the age of 90, she underwent cataract surgery, survived COVID-19 during the pandemic, and fell and broke her femur as a centenarian, but remains in good health for her age.

Mrs. De Socio currently lives in Ceccano, Lazio, Italy. As of 2024, she has nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren, with six of her children alive.

For more information, kindly visit Argia De Socio’s Directory Profile here.

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