Asahiko Iwasaki was a validated Japanese supercentenarian known as the oldest man in Kagoshima Prefecture.

Asahiko Iwasaki was born on 15 March 1908 in the village of  Yokogawa (now part of the city of Kirishima), Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan.

After graduating from junior high school, he trained in a confectionery shop for eight years. Later on, he opened his confectionery shop at the age of 21. He continued to make sweets such as castella and anpan (red bean paste bread) until he was 60 years old.

In September 2017, aged 109. (Source: Kirishima City)

In September 2017, aged 109.
(Source: Kirishima City)

Iwasaki continued delivering milk by bicycle until he was around 90 years old and lived in his own home until he was around 105 years old. His family believed that the secret to his long life was his laid-back, easy-going personality.

Mr. Iwasaki passed away due to natural causes on 10 May 2018 at the nursing home he was staying on.

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