Mary Lois Burkett, the oldest (known) living person in Mississippi, has turned 110. 

Mrs. Burkett was born on 2 January 1914 in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, USA. She is a lifelong resident of Hattiesburg. She developed a liking for daylilies and turned out to have one of the biggest gardens in the area. She even participates in the annual Daylily Garden Tour to open her garden to the public. 

Mary Lois Burkett 110th Birthdaysource: Hattiesburg's Mayor's Twitter Page

Mary Lois Burkett 110th Birthday source: Hattiesburg’s Mayor’s Twitter Page

In her earlier years, she worked under Dr. Richard Clark Sr. During his practice. She also spent some time as a researcher with the Veterans Administration. In her later years, Mary Lois became a world traveler as she journeys around the globe while also growing daylilies. 

LongeviQuest extends our warm greetings of celebration for Mary Lois Burkett’s 110th birthday.