LongeviQuest is saddened to report the passing of Juozas Mereckas. He was born on 26 Jan 1914 and passed away in Rumšiškės, Kaišiadorys district, Kaunas County, Lithuania on 7 Jan 2024 at the age of 109 years, 346 days.

Mereckas was a father of 4 children. He was looked after by one of his daughters. He spent summers at his home in Kaišiadorys district, Dovainonys, and winters in Kaunas with relatives.

(Source: https://zmones.15min.lt/naujiena/mire-vyriausias-lietuvos-gyventojas-juozas-mereckas-netrukus-jam-butu-sueje-110-metu-Ye5KnGzZVbk)

Mereckas was one of the heroes of Edita Kabaraitė’s documentary “100 Years Together,” created in 2018. This film became the most-watched Lithuanian film of that year’s “Kino pavasaris” festival.

LongeviQuest is extending our deepest condolences to the bereaved family and friends of Mr. Juozas Mereckas.