Longeviquest is pleased to report that Merle O’Hara is the oldest person to ever report for jury duty at age 111. O’Hara was born Merle Millicent Romney in Kingston, Jamaica on 20 February 1912. She is currently the fourth oldest known living person in Canada (just behind an anonymous female supercentenarian, Helen Doan and  Hazel Skuce).

Merle O’Hara following her jury duty
(Source: Instagram: @merle_supercentenarian)

O’Hara once served tea to Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip at a resort during their visit to Jamaica. In 1974, he followed her daughter to Canada. O’Hara survived a stroke but lost vision in her left eye. Her hobbies included playing field hockey, bridge, and croquet.

O’Hara currently lives with her daughter at the Haro Park Centre in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

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