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Catherine Ferrell, North Carolina’s Oldest Living Person, turns 111 Years Old

On her 110th birthday in 2022. (Source: WECT TV6) On her 110th birthday in 2022. (Source: WECT TV6)

LongeviQuest is delighted to share that Catherine Ferrell, North Carolina’s oldest living person, celebrated her 111th birthday. She is an American supercentenarian known as the oldest living person in North Carolina, USA. The birthday celebration was held at the Family Baptist Church in Warsaw, North Carolina.

Ferrell was born as Catherine Spearman on 10 October 1912 in Warsaw, North Carolina, USA.  She was involved in the church when she was young as her mother would make sure that she attends Sunday School every week.

As a young woman. (Source: WTVD)
As a young woman.
(Source: WTVD)

In 1931, she was the valedictorian of her class who graduated from Frederick Douglas High School. Two years later after graduating, she met future husband Walter Williams.

On her 110th birthday in 2022. (Source: WECT TV6)
On her 110th birthday in 2022.
(Source: WECT TV6)

She is currently residing in Durham, North Carolina, United States.

LongeviQuest extends our warmest greetings of celebration for Catherine’s 111th birthday and wishes her the best.

For more information, please visit Catherine Ferrell’s Directory Profile here.

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