LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Kikuyo Honma at age 112 years old. She is a Japanese supercentenarian known as the current oldest living person in Niigata Prefecture.

Kikuyo Honma was born on 1 November 1910 in Nunobe, Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

She was married to a charcoal burner and climbed the mountain every day to assist her husband in charcoal production. She was also tending to various crops in the fields while helping her husband. Unfortunately, her husband was a casualty in World War II in 1945 at the young age of 34. This forced Kikuyo to raise their four young children alone.

Kikuyo Honma played gateball as a hobby when she was around her 60s up until the age of 97 years old. She also enjoyed regular trips to nearby hot springs in the area together with her gateball friends.

At the age of 110. (Source: Murakami City)

At the age of 110.
(Source: Murakami City)

At age 100, she broke her right femur. The good news is that she recovered her ability to walk after three weeks. However, she was forced to move into a nursing home after breaking her left femur.

At age 112, it was shared by her family that Kikuyo Honma was still able to move her wheelchair around as well as feed herself.

When Chitetsu Watanabe passed away on 23 February 2020, Kikuyo Honma became the oldest living person in Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

She is currently residing in Nunobe, Niigata Prefecture, Japan.

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