LongeviQuest recently reviewed the case of Mary Bidwell of the United States – a previously validated supercentenarian who held the title of the oldest individual from the U.S. state of Connecticut passing on 25 April 1996, at the age of 114.

Initially, Guinness World Records validated Bidwell’s birthdate as 19 May 1881. However, after a thorough review of documents discovered by Jimmy Lindberg, the Global Validation Commission concluded that she was actually born ten days earlier, on 9 May 1881. This was the date that Bidwell had always claimed as her birthdate. Therefore, her final age was not 114 years, 342 days, but 114 years, 352 days.

To this day she still holds the record for being the oldest individual from the U.S. state of Connecticut, both in terms of birthplace and deathplace.

For more information, please view Bidwell’s Directory Profile here.