LongeviQuest is pleased to confirm that Isabel Alvarado López recently celebrated her birthday on 11 August 2023, two days after her actual birthday at the age of 112 years old. Mrs. Alvarado López is believed to be the second-oldest person in Venezuela (behind Juan Vicente Pérez Mora) and the oldest living woman in the country.

She celebrated her 112th Birthday in Caracas, Venezuela, in the company of many family members. Her granddaughter Cristina shared with the LongeviQuest team that she isn’t in good mental health, and sometimes she doesn’t remember her surroundings or what is happening with her family and herself. Despite this, Alvarado was able to celebrate her birthday and eat her delicious cake.

Cristina describes her as a strong and happy woman, and although she is now dependent on her relatives to take care of her, Cristina says she feels very glad to still have her.

LongeviQuest deeply appreciates Mrs. Alvarado’s granddaughter Cristina for giving us permission to publish about her grandmother.

While Mrs. Alvarado is not yet validated by the LongeviQuest Global Validation Commission, no information has emerged which casts any doubt on her age claim.

Isabel Alvarado López’s Biography

Isabel Alvarado, 111th birthday

Isabel Alvarado, 111th birthday

Isabel Alvarado López was born in the village of San Nicolas, Portuguesa State, Venezuela, on 9 August 1911. Her father was a rancher whose lands were outside the city of Guanare (also in Portuguesa). She was the eldest of seven siblings, all of whom she outlived. She lost her mother when she was about three or four years old and her father remarried, and from that union five children were born. She grew up in the city of Guanare.

On 9 August 2023, she turned 112, becoming her the first woman and the second person to verifiably reach this age in Venezuela.

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