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New Validation: Giles Cropsey (1911-2022) of the United States

Undated. (Source: San Francisco Chronicle) Undated. (Source: San Francisco Chronicle)

LongeviQuest is delighted to announce the age validation of Giles Cropsey at 111 years old.

He was an American supercentenarian born on 4 September 1911, in Oakland, California, USA. His parents were Giles Cropsey Sr. and Annie Page, and he had two brothers from them.

He entered the College of Marin after graduating from Roosevelt High School to further hone his percussion skills. He also became a percussionist with the Marin Symphony. This is also the very same place where he met the future mother of her three children. The couple got married on 24 September.

Cropsey handled many major accounts after becoming a successful certified public accountant. He was also part of the John C. For & Co accounting firm after becoming a successful certified public accountant.

In August 2022, aged 110. (Source: KTVU FOX)
In August 2022, aged 110.
(Source: KTVU FOX)

After Cropsey retired, he enjoyed traveling and attending concerts.

Mr. Cropsey passed away while sleeping so it can only be assumed that he died in his sleep from natural causes. He passed away on 14 September 2022, in Oakland, California, USA.

For more information, please view Giles Cropsey’s Directory Profile here.

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