LongeviQuest has validated the reported age of Lillian Wilson at 110 years old. LongeviQuest research indicates that upon her death on 4 November 2020, she was the second-oldest living person in the U.S. state of North Dakota.

Lillian Wilson of North Dakota

Lillian Wilson (110 Years Old)

She was born on 28 November 1909 in North Dakota to Canadian-American parents, the only daughter among her parents’ three children. The family had a farm in Tatum Township of Ward County, North Dakota, USA where Lillian was born. The family then moved to Aneta after Lillian’s father passed away during the 1918 flu pandemic, but they eventually returned to Ward County in 1925 when Lillian was in her sophomore year of high school.

She had quite an impressive educational background as she acquired a teaching certificate, a degree in History and Social Science, and a master’s degree in library science. Lillian Wilson never married nor had any children.

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