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Fusa Tatsumi of Japan Turns 116

Kashiwara, Osaka Prefecture, Japan – Fusa Tatsumi, Japan’s oldest living person, has reached the age of 116.  Mrs. Tatsumi became the oldest person in Japan in April 2022 following the death of Kane Tanaka (119 years old).  According to the LongeviQuest world ranking, Mrs. Tatsumi is currently the second oldest person in the world.  She is the seventh Japanese person to verifiably reach the age of 116, and only the 27th person in human history to do so.  Additionally, she is presently the 27th longest-lived person in human history.

Mrs. Tatsumi was honored today at her birthday party held at Hakuto, a special nursing home for the elderly.  LongeviQuest representatives including CEO Ben Meyers, LongeviQuest Japan President Yumi Yamamoto, and Global Validation Commissioner Fabrizio Villatoro attended the ceremony and presented Mrs. Tatsumi with a plaque honoring her status as Japan’s oldest living person, as well as a bouquet of flowers, a cake, and congratulations from over 75 well-wishers from 15 countries across the world.  The party was also attended by Japanese government officials, including the Mayor of Kashiwara, Mr. Masahiro Fuke, and representatives from the prefectural government.  According to her son, Kanji, Mrs. Tatsumi enjoyed the ceremony.

Mrs. Tatsumi was born in Yao City, Osaka Prefecture in 1907 (Meiji 40) as the second daughter of six children.  Before getting married, she obtained a diploma after studying flower arrangements and tea ceremony preparation.  At the age of 32, she married a farmer who grew peaches and grapes, and she worked in farming for 25 years.  Her love for gardening continued; until she entered a nursing home at the age of 106, she grew chrysanthemums at home as a hobby.  According to her eldest son, Kanji, Mrs. Tatsumi is a methodical and hard worker who has lived a regular life for many years.  He says that working in the orchard may have contributed to her longevity.

Click here for additional photos from our visit to Tatsumi-san.

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