LongeviQuest is pleased to announce the age validation of Bernice Bohannon of the United States at 111 years old. She was an American supercentenarian born on 14 March 1910 in New Castle, Henry County, Kentucky, USA.

She was the youngest of ten children born to her parents. However, her father was remarried to Margaret “Maggie” Minor Scott when her mother passed away in 1920. After this, she gained seven stepsiblings and, eventually, five half-siblings.

On her wedding day in 1926. (Source: IndyStar)
On her wedding day in 1926.
(Source: IndyStar)

Bernice met her future husband, Buford Bohannon when she was attending public school in New Castle. The couple got married in 1926 and they moved to Indianapolis, Indiana, right away after the wedding. She conceived three children with her husband.

Her husband passed away due to cancer in 1980. On the other hand, Bernice Bohannon died on 5 July 2021 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA. She was 111 years old at the time of her death.

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LongeviQuest is delighted to announce the age validation of the world’s former world’s oldest living person and oldest undisputed man ever, Robert Alexander Early at 111 years old. He was an American supercentenarian who held these titles at the time of his death on 9 October 1960.

Robert Alexander Early was born in Watts Creek, Whitley County, Kentucky, USA, on 8 October 1849. He attended school in Williamsburg, and then started a decade-long teacher career after it.

In 1875, he married Eliza Ann Berry and had three children with her. In 1886, he was remarried to Sidney Ann King with whom he had six children with.

On his 111th birthday in 1960. (Source: The Lexington Herald)
On his 111th birthday in 1960.
(Source: The Lexington Herald)

He was once a teacher, a mailer, a carpenter, a merchant, a carpenter, a Sunday-school superintendent, and a woodcarver. He spent his life with these professions in that specific order. Robert stopped woodcarving at 108 years old when his hands became too shaky.

Early passed away in Corbin, Whiley County, Kentucky, USA, on 9 October 1960, just a day after celebrating his 111th birthday.

It’s believed that Early was the world’s oldest living person from October 1959 until his own death one year later, and how he is the first man who reached the age of 111.

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