The oldest living Italian woman, Domenica Ercolani, passed away in Pesaro in the region of Marche, on 17 November 2023, at the age of 113.

Born in Urbino, Marche, Italy, on 3 July 1910, she got married at some point and raised her children as a housewife while her husband worked a station manager.

On 7 May 2022, she became the oldest known living person in Italy, succeeding Angela Tiraboschi upon her passing. Subsequently, she became the oldest person ever to reside in the region of Marche. At the time of her passing, she was sixth-oldest living person in Europe and was the 12th-oldest person ever to pass away in Italy.

LongeviQuest sends our deepest condolences to the bereaved family and friends of Mrs. Ercolani.

LongeviQuest representatives are attending the 15th Supercentenarian Seminar in Paris today. Organized by the French Institute for Demographic Studies (INED), the event is an opportunity for leading supercentenarian researchers to convene and discuss the latest research on the world’s oldest people. LongeviQuest Scientific Advisor Jimmy Lindberg, MSc, was the second speaker on the agenda. She presented her research on supercentenarians from Sweden, her home country.

LQ Scientific Advisor Jimmy Lindberg addressing the seminar
LQ Scientific Advisor Jimmy Lindberg addressing the seminar

LongeviQuest also participated in the traditional academic poster session, in which Lindberg was joined by Dr. Andrew Holmes, the representative of the European Supercentenarian Organisation on the Global Validation Commission. LongeviQuest’s poster featured corrections to the historical world’s oldest people list, most researched by Lindberg and approved by the Global Validation Commission. The retroactively recognized world’s oldest people are:

Conventions such as INED’s Supercentenarian Seminar enable collaboration between supercentenarian researchers from around the world. LongeviQuest is pleased to participate and we thank the INED and the International Database on Longevity for hosting the event.