9 October 1911Coentral Grande, Leiria District, Portugal


7 January 2022Cernache, Coimbra District, Portugal



Olinda Paulo Baeta

Olinda Paulo Baeta was a Portuguese supercentenarian whose age has been validated by the European Supercentenarian Organisation (ESO).

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Olinda Paulo Baeta was born in Coentral Grande, Leiria District, Portugal, on 9 October 1911. She was the daughter of Manuel Paulo, a merchant from Lousã. Her father opened a clothing store in the square Praça Cândido dos Reis in Lousã. Later, he transferred his clothing store to the street of Rua do Coméricio in Lousã. The store became known as “Loja das Noivas”. When her father died in 1948, it was Olinda who managed the store, which operated for about 60 years.

At some point, she married a man with the surname Baeta from Miranda do Corvo. The couple had two children: Herlander and Odete.

Olinda Paulo Baeta passed away in Cernache, Coimbra District, Portugal, on 7 January 2022, at the age of 110.

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Coincidentally, she was born on the same day as another Portuguese supercentenarian, Carlota dos Anjos Guerra. They are the first pair of Portuguese supercentenarians who were born on the same day.

Her age was verified by Gabriel Lemos, and validated by the ESO on 19 June 2023.

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