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Marie Brémont

Marie Augustine Brémont (née Mesange) was a French supercentenarian who became the oldest validated living person upon the death of Eva Morris on 2 November 2000 and held the title until her death on 6 June 2001. She was also the earliest-born person to live in the 21st century.


Marie Bremont was born as Marie Marthe Augustine Mesange in Noellet, Pays de la Loire, France, on 25 April 1886. Her father was a lumberjack. Her first husband, railroad worker Constant Lemaitre, was killed in the First World War. She married again to a taxi driver, Florentin Bremont, who died in 1967. She had no children. During her life, she worked as a farmer, a nanny, a seamstress, and a pharmaceutical factory worker.

At the age of 103, Bremont was hit by a car and broke her arm as a result. She lived in a retirement home in Cande during the last years of her life.

On her 115th and last birthday in 2001, her sight and hearing had deteriorated but despite that, she was proud to be the doyenne of humanity.

Bremont died in Cande, Pays de la Loire, France at 2:15 AM on 6 June 2001 at the age of 115 years, 42 days. Upon her death, the title passed to Maud Farris-Luse of the United States.

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She was the second-oldest French person ever behind Jeanne Calment at the time of her death and held that title until Lucile Randon surpassed her age on 26 March 2019. She is presently the fourth-oldest French person ever.