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Julia Franco García

Stefan Maglov
Validated By: Stefan Maglov On Date: Nov. 07th 2022

Julia Franco García de Mendoza is a Peruvian semi-supercentenarian whose age has been validated by the Latin American Supercentenarians (LAS). She is currently the oldest living person in Peru whose age is fully validated.


Franco García was born in Peru on 19 February 1914.

At some point, she married Juan Francisco Mendoza Mendoza. In 1957, the couple moved to Chimbote, Áncash, where they lived in the neighborhood of “Urbanización La Caleta”. Her husband worked at the Sogesa Agroindustries, and later at the SIDERPERU (a Peruvian steel and iron company). He also served as the Deputy Mayor of Chimbote in the mid-1960s.

Franco García currently lives in Lima, Peru.

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In June 2022, the Municipality of San Borja and Mayor Alberto Tejada honored her with the “San Francisco de Borja” medal.

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* “Doña Julia Franco García vda. de Menndoza celebra feliz sus 107 años de vida” – Facebook (FOTOS ANTIGUAS DE CHIMBOTE), 19 February 2021

* “Doña Julia tiene 108 años, en los que ha visto cómo San Borja ha nacido…” – Facebook (Municipalidad De San Borja), 9 June 2022