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Jaak Broekx

Henricus Petrus Jacobus (Jaak) Broekx was a Belgian centenarian who held the title of the country's oldest living man at the time of his passing.


Broekx was born in Bree, Limburg, Belgium, on 6 August 1914. Broekx worked as a farmer his entire life, until he reached the age of 100. He never married nor had children.

Broekx lived with his sister Christine until her passing on 14 March 2015, at the age of 97. In 2020, he transitioned to a nursing home during the COVID-19 pandemic as it had become increasingly difficult for him to maintain independent living in his own home. The nursing home reported that he had never fallen ill. During the last years of his life, he used a wheelchair and was hard of hearing, but he remained mentally sharp until his passing.

Broekx passed away in Bree, Limburg, Belgium, on 31 October 2023, at the age of 109 years, 86 days. The head nurse at his nursing home stated, “He had a peaceful night, and this morning, as we attempted to help him get dressed, he fell asleep and peacefully passed away.”

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On 9 September 2021, following the death of 107-year-old Jozef Smets, he became the oldest living man in Belgium.

Following his passing, Albert Van Raemdonck (born 6 July 1916) succeeded him as the country’s oldest living man.

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