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Bedřiška Adamičková

Bedřiška Adamičková was a Serbian-born Czech centenarian who was the oldest living person in the Czech Republic upon her death. Her age has not been validated by LongeviQuest (LQ).


Adamičková was born in Belgrade, present-day Serbia, on 6 October 1913 to an Austrian father and a Croatian-Italian mother. She was multilingual from an early age, speaking Croatian, Italian, and German, and eventually learning Czech, English, French.. She survived typhoid fever after catching it from a friend.

Adamičková graduated from the Faculty of Law in Prague, and went on to work as an editor in a music publishing house. She also translated into German and English covers of gramophone records and CD carriers, and drew illustrations for the Prague press. She never married nor had children.

In June 2020, Adamičková received a medal from Jan Kuklík, the president of the Prague Faculty of Law. She could vividly remember her teachers and how they taught. She could also recollect shaking hands with Franz Kufka.

Adamičková claimed the secret to her longevity was that she was never sick. She died on 1 September 2023 at the age of 109 years, 330 days.

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Adamičková became the oldest living person born in present-day Serbia following the 20 April 2021 death of Veronika Zsilinszki, 113. On 13 March 2023, she gained the title of the Czech Republic’s oldest resident after the death of 109-year-old Zdeňka Kašparová. Upon her own death, the title passed to Ludmila Zemanová, born in November 1913.

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